Thursday, November 22, 2012

giving thanks

"Amen, amen, amen" means "yes, yes, yes."
Those are the words on my lips these days,
"yes" to a Father who doesn't take a long winter sleep, 
who never crawls into a den, taking a break from me or this life.

We all know summer days.
We say hello to our neighbors and look upwards to heavenly patches of clouds.
We visit farmer's market and buy homemade soaps for our hot baths.
We eat apple crisp and mend sweaters and we remember the good things.

But not every day is a summer day and sometimes I'm the one who needs mending.
Sometimes I'm the one unraveling like an old sweater.
Cold winds, gray skies and long nights are my world
and then I remember "amen."

I "amen" to our Father because the days that I want to crawl underground are the very days that make me glad He doesn't.
When I'm disenchanted by winter realities, I remember that He doesn't lie dormant and that his promises are for all seasons.


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